How it Works

Bizxpert is a shared services platform. Our Advisory Board comprises of senior professionals supported by talented and versatile team which delivers quality services.

Startups and growing businesses require maximum handholding and support to nurture their development. It is expensive for a startup to hire full time senior professionals like CFOs, Company Secretaries, Human Resource Officers and General Counsels. Moreover such professionals also remain substantially underutilized. Bizxpert provides Virtual CFO and other senior professionals on a shared services principal. Our experts provide all necessary support that a full time professional is expected to provide. However they will not be in your full time employment. Depending upon the size and scale of operations we can agree upon a pre-determined, need based & “FLEXIBLE” engagement model. We provide flexibility to our clients to convert ‘Fixed Cost ‘ of such senior professionals to ‘Variable Cost’. Depending upon needs our Virtual CFO’s also carry your business card and participate in important meetings to support and augment the team.

Our “Levels of Engagements” are broadly of three types:
Keeping in view special requirements of STARTUPS we have also designed a LITE engagement model.
Our approach is user friendly and flexible. We can also design a ‘BESPOKE’ engagement model which will be accordingly priced..